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Participate in the medical home you deserve for only $3,780 annually

At the core of our premium health benefits is the assurance of a forward-thinking healthcare team, dedicated to practicing medicine tailored for today's era.




Healthcare should be a little different

JW Health combines the expertise of family physicians, covered by public insurance, with a wide range of clinicians and services not typically covered by insurance. Our approach includes a variety of additional services to ensure comprehensive and personalized care for every patient. This integrated model is designed to meet your unique health needs effectively.

Program and Services

Block Fee

Everyday Adult

Everyday Child*

Adults 18+

Children 3-17



Note: Fees for JW Health Plans are strictly for uninsured components of care, including non-physician care. Insured physicians visits, prescribed tests, and any other publicly insured services will be billed to the provincial health insurance plan by JW Health or by its physicians. 
*Psychotherapy not included in child plans.

Let's talk benefits

Benefits of on-going care

We believe you deserve access to comprehensive information and control over your healthcare journey. That's why we offer a wide range of cutting edge tools from; body composition scanners, to blood screening, and skin imaging, all within the comforts of our office. With our inclusive on-going care, we make it convenient, quick, and empowering. Below are some of the uninsured services included in your care:

8 Psychotherapy Sessions

Boost your mental health: Get eight 50-min. sessions with our in-house Dr of Psychotherapy – mind care equals body care.

Accessible hours

We understand that you have day jobs! That's why we have extended our hours, to give you the care you deserve. Standard hours of 7am - 7pm Mon-Fri and 9am - 5pm on weekends.

Cutting-edge technology

Your health matters, and we have curated the best tools to stay on top of your health. From body scanners, to skin cameras, and a blood lab from just a drop of blood. You deserve one single point of care.

Prescription refills without an appointment

Never pay for prescription refills without an appointment, sick notes, or insurance forms. Our doctors are here to support all the documentation you require to live life.

Same-day check-ins

We know falling sick is never fun. That's why we give you direct access to your doctor for quick status update appointments. Enjoy them via text or video call.

'Medical Home' model

We are here to support your health journey and believe you should feel empowered throughout the entire medical home approach.

Preventative screening

Our priority is proactive medicine through preventative screening, early concern identification, and in-house blood work.

Travel clinic

In person or virtual consultations to review details of your travel itinerary and perform a risk analysis and recommended vaccinations.

Patient respect

We are here to serve you! Respect is paramount to our beliefs in guiding you through your entire health journey.

Additional Services

Uninsured Services (as defined by the Alberta Medical Association)


One-time Nurse Practitioner Consultation: Pay per visit (for episodic care and ages 3-17 only)


Mental Health Assessment- 6 sessions*


Nutrition Assessment*


Body Composition Scan & Consultative Analysis*


Individual (Executive) Personalized, Holistic, Preventative Health Assessment & Annual Plan*


*Included with the Adult Block Fee

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Request a Complimentary Consultation with JW Health Care

We believe you deserve access to comprehensive information and control over your healthcare journey.

Got your message.

  • What benefits do I get?
    Here are some of the benefits: - A mobile and desktop app, that gives you direct message access to your doctor (24 hour response time) - Appointments that are never rushed, and start on time - Longer appointments by virtual or telephone (AHS only covers up to 15 minutes for non-mental health concerns) - Email and renewal of prescriptions unless they are controlled medications - No charge for forms, doctor notes, late cancelled or missed appointments - No charge for on-site bloodwork for screening and diagnosis - Access to all our tech tools such as Fit3d body scanner, skin imaging cameras, and many more - A more convenient and enjoyable health care experience at your fingertips
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