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The perfect prescription, our cutting-edge medical home. 

Exceptional healthcare beyond the ordinary 
Your Health, Your Terms

Experience the Healthcare Team you deserve

As a hybrid-funded practice, we've crafted an experience that is convenient, flexible, and enjoyable for all of our patients.

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Health at your fingertips

Our user-friendly platform allows you to; conveniently book and manage appointments, receive reminders, access secure messaging with your doctor, complete pre-visit questionnaires, and have virtual visits.

Flexible scheduling & accessible hours

We understand that you have day jobs too. That's why we have extended our hours, to give you the care you deserve. Standard Hours of 7am - 7pm Mon-Fri and 9am - 5pm on weekends.

Cutting-edge technology

Your health matters, and we have curated the best tools to stay on top of your health. From body scanners, to skin cameras, and a blood lab from just a drop of blood. You deserve one single point of care.

Prescription refills when physician approved, without an appointment

Our block fee covers physician approved prescription refills without an appointment, sick notes, or insurance forms. Our doctors are here to support all the documentation you require to live life.

Extended Consultations

We take our time to understand your overall health needs and don't limit you to one issue per visit

'Medical Home' model

Using a patient-centered, team based approach, the PMH Model allows for coordination of care, better patient outcomes, improved quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Comprehensive Health Assessments & Annual Plan

Our priority is proactive, personalized, holistic medicine through preventative screening, early concern identification, and in-house blood work.

Travel clinic

In person or virtual consultations to review details of your travel itinerary and perform a risk analysis and recommended vaccinations.

Nurse Practitioner(s)

Nurses offer personalized care, including pediatric care, promoting preventative healthcare and managing chronic conditions through collaboration and expertise.

Our medical home model goes above and beyond a traditional clinic

Same / Next day appointments

Virtual care along with texting & booking within our app

On-site blood labs

Specialized in-house support and personalized care coordinaiton

Longer appointments, not limited to one issue per visit

In-house Psychotherapy

Patient Medical Home model

Download our mobile app.

Participation gives you access to our app!

Request physician approved refills without appointments

Easily access health records and care plans

Send and receive secure messages with your doctor

Built-in virtual care

Schedule an in-office or remote visit

Annual Block Fees starting at $3,780

We believe you deserve access to comprehensive information, care, and control over your healthcare journey. That's why we offer a wide range of cutting-edge tools from; body composition scanners, to blood testing & screening, and skin imaging - all within the comforts of our practice. With our inclusive block fees, we comply with the CPSA Standard of Practice for your convenience!

What is included?

A wide range of primary care services such as prevention and wellness, everyday care, chronic disease management, mental health services, basic procedures, and numerous other uninsured services.

Unless otherwise specified, all advertised services are included within the annual block fee(s)

I thought Healthcare was free in Alberta?

In Alberta healthcare, like in Canada, is predominantly government-funded and often referred to as "universal healthcare." While many types of care are free at the point of use through the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP), certain services, known as uninsured services, are not covered. While access to care is guaranteed, the existing health system may not prioritize convenient patient services. If you seek comprehensive healthcare beyond brief appointments, our enhanced model emphasizes speed and convenience to cater to your needs effectively. Services not covered by AHCIP are often referred to as uninsured services.

Is there access for children and teens?

Yes, we accept children and teens as independent patients. For details, please visit our pricing page. It's important to note that children aged 0-3 years are not charged separately as they are automatically included.

What is a "Medical Home"?

The medical home, also known as the patient-centered medical home, is a team-based healthcare delivery model led by a healthcare provider to provide comprehensive and continuous medical care to patients with the goal to obtain maximal health outcomes.

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