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Wellness and Prevention

At JW Health, our goal is to help you reach and maintain your preventative health goals. We take insights from your Holistic Health Assessment (HHA) and take a deep dive into who you are. With our holistic approach we guide you toward the right screening tests, preventative & lifestyle treatments. 

Proactive Medical Exams

Using insights from the HHA, we dive into these areas of interest. This allows us to detect potential concerns early on.

Quick check-ins

Regular check-ins with your health team  to ensure your health stays on track.

Smart Plans

Adjustments are made to your personalized plan as your needs and goals change. 

Cutting Edge Tools

3D Body Composition Scanner

Rely on infrared technology (not X-ray) that measures what your body is made out of like muscles, fat and bone mass. 

JW Health | Holistic Healthcare | Alberta, Canada

No matter where you are in your health journey, our healthcare team is there for you.

Women's Health

Our experienced team provides a combination of both insured and uninsured services in Women's Health care for all life stages, including: menstrual health, reproductive care, menopause support, screenings for breast & cervical cancer, and promoting overall well-being.  Our cutting-edge tools provide further insights to compliment traditional Canadian Public Health tools. 


Men's Health

Our experienced team provide a combination of both insured & uninsured services in men's health addressing key concerns in: prostate health, sexual wellness, heart health & more. In collaboration with your physician team, our in-house Nurse Practitioners support you in maintaining your ongoing physical and mental health.


Skin Health

Our experienced team provide a combination of both insured & uninsured services to address a wide range of cosmetic and medical skin concerns. By utilizing our state of the art skin cameras, we help screen for skin cancers such as melanoma, basal cell & squamous cell carcinomas. Our cutting-edge skin tools support on-site cosmetic procedures, reducing the need & wait for external referrals. 

Our health team can support

Cancer Screens

Injury Prevention

Anti-aging Advice  

Travel Health

Vaccine Guidance

Weight Management

Contraception Planning

Hormone Therapy

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