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The Patient Medical Home (PMH) model is the future of family practice in Canada

Are you a busy adult who has sacrificed work hours for doctor's appointments, relied on WebMD for self-diagnosis, or stressed about your child's health? It's time to experience a new era of personalized care. We are introducing an innovative approach to the future of family healthcare: Your Medical Home.

Made for this Century

We have streamlined the clinic experience to give you access to your health tools from your mobile phone. 

No More Waiting

With our doctor to patient ratios, we ensure you spend no extra time waiting.

Collaborative Care

Our team includes nurse practitioners ready to support preventative and everyday care.

On-going Programs

Wellness and Prevention

We help you get healthy, and stay healthy, with our state of the art screening technology, along with disease prevention and lifestyle advice.


Everyday Care

Wake up with sniffles or a weird rash. Our doctors diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of illnesses, so you can get the care you need without wasting time in urgent care or walk-in clinics.


Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions like diabetes or weight management can be difficult to prevent and manage on your own. Our doctors make it personalized to help you find your way back to better health.


Mental Health

Mental health is an important part of the full healthcare picture. Whether you are feeling off, anxious, suffering from ADHD or depression, our doctors are here to help you.


  • What benefits do I get?
    Here are some of the benefits: - A mobile and desktop app, that gives you direct message access to your doctor (24 hour response time) - Appointments that are never rushed, and start on time - Longer appointments by virtual or telephone (AHS only covers up to 15 minutes for non-mental health concerns) - Email and renewal of prescriptions unless they are controlled medications - No charge for forms, doctor notes, late cancelled or missed appointments - No charge for on-site bloodwork for screening and diagnosis - Access to all our tech tools such as Fit3d body scanner, skin imaging cameras, and many more - A more convenient and enjoyable health care experience at your fingertips
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