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Comprehensive  Assessments

At JW Health, our individual assessments are the first step in assessing your current health status. Conducted by our team of experts, we determine your risk profile based on your needs & goals. The end result is a personalized, precise set of exams and lab tests to support creating your custom Smart Plan. 

Initial Review

Update of your personal & family history, including a lifestyle profile.

Complete Physical Exam

Comprehensive head-to-toe physical exam including skin screening.

Laboratory Testing

Comprehensive tests on your blood, urine &  stool samples.

Sleep Assessment

Review of current sleep patterns, screen for sleep issues & disorders.

Body Composition Analysis

Create your personalized body avatar and analyze your muscle-to-fat ratio & more.

Nutrition Assessment

In-depth review of your current nutritional status & goals.

Mental Health Assessment

Mental health risk assessment and initial treatment coordination as required.

Additional Screening

Point-of-care (POC) ultrasound, dermatoscopy &  ECG screening.

Mobile Health App

Review your own vitals, health records & Smart Plans.

Cutting Edge Tools

3D Body Composition Scanner

Rely on infrared technology that measures what your body is made of, like muscles, fat and bones. Personalized avatars for progress comparison.

JW Health | Holistic Healthcare | Alberta, Canada

No matter where you are in your health journey, our team will tailor a plan personalized for you.

Mental Health Assessment

Experience enhanced wellbeing with our comprehensive Mental Health Assessment. Our Nurse Practitioners and Family Physician work collaboratively to identify your individual mental health needs. Through thoughtful evaluation, we help you to understand your emotions, thoughts, & behaviours to design personalized care plans. This includes both non-pharmacological & pharmacological recommendations. 
We aim to promote mental resilience and cultivate peace of mind. Your journey towards healthier mental health begins with our compassionate, confidential services. Included in the ongoing services.


Nutrition Assessment

Learn to understand the drivers of your eating habits and nutritional choices. We offer personalized evaluations, pinpointing your unique nutritional needs. Our experts analyze your diet, lifestyle, and fitness goals to create a tailored plan. With our service, learn ways to feel energized, reduce disease risk, and reach your wellness goals. Finally, we assess gut health and determine if pharmacological options are needed.
Unlock a healthier you, starting from the inside out. Included in ongoing services.


Children & more

Our Nurse Practitioners perform age-appropriate health screens and exams for children & teenagers. We promote early healthy behaviours and lifestyle choices with a supportive approach. This ongoing service includes 
urgent case management and a Mobile Health App to manage your ongoing day-to-day needs.
Can only be purchased as an add-on to an Adult membership.

Our health team can support

Cancer Screens

Sexual Health

Nutrition Counselling

Ongoing Care

Employment Testing

Weight Management

Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

Hormone Therapy (HRT)

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